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The name Old Ones refers to both the creators of the Seraphon, who the Seraphon have largely forgotten, and the godly personifications the Seraphon have made up to venerate in the place of their creators.[2a][2b]

Creators of the Seraphon

The Old Ones were beings of great intellect and power that possessed a great design for all of creation. They travelled the stars in majestic silver ships, bringing servants that were granted a portion of their might such as the original slann. They built the first temples of the Seraphon in the distant past that act as relays and reservoirs for the power of magic, as well as possessing great arcane technologies that would one day transform them into the ziggurat-ships of the Seraphon fleets.[2a]

Personifications of the Old Ones

The Seraphon worship a wide variety of deities, including the original Old Ones that created them. However, the Seraphon have long forgotten the identities of these creators, having lost much of their lore and history due to unending war and the destruction of the World-That-Was. So as a result the Seraphon have turned to worshipping personifications of what they believe the Old Ones were like.[2b]


Technology of the Old Ones

To the Old Ones, science and magic were one and the same and wielded arcane power to shift the laws of reality to their will. Many techno-sorcerous relics left behind by the Old Ones from the sunbolt gauntlets to the reality-warping power Engines of the Gods are now being used by the Seraphon in their endless war against Chaos. It is possible that the the Old Ones created the Realmgates as ancient Azyrite texts mention an enigmatic race involved in their creation. The slann seem to possess knowledge concerning the functioning of the inter-realm portals as they are able to teleport their servants through the aetheric void with a thought and manipulate the Realmgate network to send enemies astray.[2a]

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