Ironweld Arsenal

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Ironweld Arsenal
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A Master Engineer.
Grand alliance Order
Associated factions Cities of Sigmar
Races Duardin
Vehicles Cannon
Helblaster Volley Gun
Helstorm Rocket Battery
Organ Gun
Steam Tank

Ironweld Arsenal is a faction of human and duardin smiths that make marvellous war machines and ingenious clockwork marvels.[1]


The Ironweld Arsenal was formed in the aftermath of Sigmar’s retreat to Azyr. It is a conglomeration of human and duardin weaponsmiths that create some of the most bizarre and deadly machines ever built by mortals and the cogwork factories of Azyrheim have produced all manner of killing machines such as gear-driven gunwalkers, steam-powered artillery trains and repeating cannons that can spit a hundred lethal rounds of superheated metal in the blink of an eye. The Ironweld Arsenal also creates technological marvels such as Steam Tanks, Gyrocopters and cannons that protect the keeps and walls of the new cities in the Mortal Realms as well equipping the armies of liberation.[1][4a]


For centuries the Ironweld smiths of Azyrheim have been stockpiling firearms, cannons, armoured war constructs and even flying machines.[5]

Age of Sigmar

When Sigmar finally reopened the gates and whenever the Stormcast conquered a Realmgate the Lords-Castellant would man it while the Ironweld and the Dispossessed build fortified towns, which would later grow into free cities, making sure the new cities have firm foundations.[3a]


A hierarchy exists among the engineers and architects of the Ironweld Arsenal. At the head of this hierarchy are the Forge-Lords. Other ranks within the hierarchy includes Cogsmith-Captains, Gunmasters, and Ironweld Sergeants.[2][6a][8]

The Ironweld Arsenal boasts many branches, mostly schools, across the cities of Sigmar's empire. The devices and gear used by the members of the Ironweld will often have the insignias of their schools stamped on them.[11a]

Known Branches and Schools


It was engineers of the Ironweld that built many of the deep freshwater wells found in the walled settlements of the central lands of the Great Parch, these vital sources of water have allowed many of these settlements to grow or simply survive in the harsh environment of Aqshy.[6a]

Every artillery piece within the Ironwelkd Arsenal has the names of those who have died whilst operating it carved into them.[2a]

They serve as architects and builders of the Free Cities, alongside the Dispossessed labour clans of the fallen Khazalid Empire. Whenever a new Realmgate is secured, it is these sturdy labourers and engineers who are called forth to aid in building settlements around these vital gateways.[6b][6c]

Known Ironweld Machinery

Other Creations

  • Trident Daggers: Seemingly mundane daggers developed for the warriors of the Freeguilds, a simple press of a button hidden on the guard splits the blade of such weapons into three.[10a]


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