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The Mawgate is the Realmgate between the Realm of Ghur and the Allpoints. Unlike the other great Arcways, it is not fixed in place, but rather is within the gullet of the world-worm godbeast Fangathrak, which crawls across Ghur.[1a]


Age of Chaos

The forces of Chaos attempt to shackle Fangathrak in order to have a stable and stationary passage between Ghur and the newly conquered Allpoints. Massive chains are attached to the godbeast's mouth to hold it open, and six great Crawlerforts are constructed on the backs of monstrous crabs to secure and defend the other ends of the chains. The lords of the Crawlerforts are responsible for ensuring that Fangathrak does not manage to escape its imprisonment, though they cannot entirely keep the great worm from moving across the realm in its struggles.[1a]

Realmgate Wars

The Stormcast Eternals initiate a plan to attack and liberate the realmgate after their scouts confirm Fangathrak's location in the Scarlands. However, before the Stormcast can launch their attack, the world-worm's struggles catch the attention of a great gathering of Orruk Warclans in the nearby Deffgorge.[1a] By the time the Stormcast arrive, the garrisons of the Crawlerforts and the warclans are engaged in battle.[1b] The battle quickly becomes a bloody, three-way stalemate until, after several days, Gordrakk arrives and joins the battle with his warclan.[1c] The addition of so many more orruks to the battle finally damages the Crawlerforts enough for Fangathrak to break free from its chains and burrow away, putting the Mawgate outside the reach of both Order and Chaos.[1d]

Age of Sigmar

Gordrakk succeeds in immobilizing Fangathrak by luring it to the Crawling Pits of Gharrentia and using Arachnarok Spider venom to sedate it, allowing him to launch an attack on the Allpoints through the Mawgate.[2a]