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Soul Shepherd at the bottom center carrying a holy tome and a censor alongside the rest of the Freeguild Command Corp and Freeguild Marshals

Soul Shepherd are Mortis-lectors of Sigmar that join the Freeguild Command Corps to support the Freeguild Marshals of the Freeguild by guarding the souls of those who cannot be saved.[1]


Soul Shepherds are Sigmarite mortis-lectors responsible for ensuring that the souls of hundreds if not thousands that die during expeditions are guarded and shepherded to afterlife without being dragged into Nagashizzar as the effects of the Necroquake remain even in the Era of the Beast. By chanting sanctifying rights of mortality the Soul Shepherd provides the souls of the dying a focus which provides strength for their transition from life to death.[2a]

Their presence steels the minds of the troops even if they aren't sure if the Soul Shepherd could ensure their souls are protected however undead creatures shy away from Soul Shepherds and their companions providing some credibility to their promise. [2a]


In their duties, they are accompanied by homunculi known as Corpus Somni, eerie pipers whose songs are silent to the living but become louder as a person comes closer to death guiding the souls to escape the clutches of Nagash at least for a time.[2a]


In battle the Soul Shepherds use an assortment of weapons to defend themselves.[2b]


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