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Warstomper 01.png
A Warstomper.
Grand alliance Chaos
Associated factions Monsters of Chaos
Sons of Behemat
Origins Behemat's vomit
Type Mortal

Gargants are a race of giants that inhabit the Mortal Realms.[5a]


There are many tales and rumours from the Age of Myth that tell possible origins of the Gargants in the Mortal Realms:

  • The bacchic descendants of a prehistorical gargant tribe that once wandered throughout the realms.[1]
  • Some believe they were once a race of wise and strong builders that helped the Free Peoples construct cities and empires. It was said that they once stood at Sigmar's side and the wisest belonged to his councils, helping him during the age of expansion and prosperity.[1]
  • Others believe they are the descendants of Behemat, a Zodiac Godbeast rumoured to live in Ghyran. Once mighty forest-warriors and woodland kings whose empires stood in every realm and stretched over the horizon. Coarse and slightly bestial, their pursued civilisation up to a certain point as they weren't partial to excessive clothing and lacked personal hygiene.[1]
  • Some legends say they are the refugees of a destroyed world that settled in the realms, drowning their sorrows of losing their land in copious amounts of booze.[1]

Of these various origins, it has been confirmed that the group of tribes known collectively as the Sons of Behemat are in fact the children of the Godbeast Behemat, birthed by vomiting after he invaded Verdia and consumed it's herds, driving several bovine species to extinction. These gargant tribes would come to build a great civilisation on the Harmonis Velt. This feat of procreation tires Behemat and he falls asleep his body slowly turning into landscape features.[4a]

It is unknown how other Gargant tribes relate to this Godbeast, since some of them could be surviving giants of the World-That-Was or related through Behemat's father Ymnog.


  • Ghurish Gargant: The most widely known and widespread of Gargantkind, wit is these lumbering and brutish entities that many mortals think of when they first hear the word Gargant.[5a]
  • Mason-Gargants: Loyal followers of Sigmar.[5a]
  • Mega-Garagants: The biggest and oldest of Gargantkind, many of whom date back to the days when Behemat still walked the Mortal Realms. With the death of their sire their numbers have swelled.[5a]
  • Mere-Gargants: Swamp-dwelling Gargants known to inhabit the regions around Greywater Fastness.[6a]
  • Ulguan Gargants: Gargants who consume light and whose shadows blot out continents.[5a]


  • Aleguzzler Gargants: Perpetually drunk gargants that often follow the forces of destruction for the promise of alcoholic beverages.[1]
  • Sons of Behemat: Various tribes of Gargants born from Behemat, some of whom built a civilisation on the Harmonis Velt.[4a] They traverse the Mortal Realms eating, sleeping, and drinking whatever and whenever they please, leaving a path of destruction in their wake. [5a]
  • Monsters of Chaos: Some gargants have been corrupted by the power of chaos.[2]



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