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This page contains spoilers for: The Red Hours (short story)

Thystra was a tormented Aelf Lion Ranger [1]


She had cool blue eyes and high cheekbones but at the Grave of Heroes, her blonde hair was roughly cut short and her cheeks hollow. Her right ear was no more than scar tissue. [1a]


As a Lion Ranger, she and her squad were scouting the ruins of the Gilded Steamgird, an ancient relic of the Lantic Empire, looking for a suspected cult gathering but instead ran into a horde of beastmen and human followers of Chaos. [1b]

Although she was able to fight her way clear and managed to hide in the ruins with only a ruined ear, her comrades and friends were captured and tortured for four days. Trapped, Thystra could only watch the horror and listen to their screams until the horde left for the Iron Desert. Tormented by what she had witnessed and her own survival she left the rangers and ended up in the fortress outpost known as the Grave of Heroes in the Realm of Chamon. Although she still served as a scout on reptilian Ibuq she could not overcome her terror of blood. [1b]

With the arrival of captain Byrun Hess, the fort and its paltry garrison began to descend into madness and death, she fought through her fears and took up her axe again against the maddened duardin Hanar. [1c] She stood against the awakened corrupted spirit, the Fabula Inuicta,[1d] saving her comrades but sacrificing her own life. [1f]


Your life is like a glowfly – one bright burst and you are gone. I have been in the Grave for decades. You speak of scars, but I will carry mine beyond the lives of your grandchildren’s grandchildren. You will be dust and still my ghosts will haunt me.

~ Thystra to Hess.[1e]


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