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The Free City of Oak's Heart is found in the Realm of Ghyran which is surrounded by wilderness.[1a]


The reign of Tahotom, a Vampire Lord who ruled in Shyish, came to an end when he was slain by an alliance of Aelves and Duardin. His surviving followers fled to Ghyran with his legendary cauldron in hopes of using it to revive him. But they were slain before they could accomplish their goal.[1a]

Age of Sigmar

During a routine patrol through the wilderness Captain Burrin Kerrero and a regiment under his command discovered the cave in which the Cauldron of Tahotom was hidden. Not recognizing the artefact as what it was the Freeguilders opt to use it as a cooking pot and use the cave as a base camp.[1a]

Over the course of months Burrin studies the patterns on the cauldron with aid from a local Aelven priestess of Alarielle, Phylamire Runestaff. When she begs him to destroy it, he opts to ignore her advice.[1a]

Burrin and his regiments are drawn into battle with a Gor warherd, not long before the arrival of a party of Soulbound, which results in both sides suffering heavy casualties. Burrin chooses to pour the blood of his fallen men into the cauldron, which raises them as Wights and begins to transform him into Tahotom.[1a]

Burrin and his men continue to defend Oak's Heart, their monstrous nature hidden by the cauldron's power, only purposefully attacking Beastmen. But whenever an accidental death occurs the dead are taken to the cauldron to be revived as a Wight, who is sent back to the city. As such the city teeters on disaster and will fall to Tahotom and his Deathrattle army if he is not stopped.[1a]


Oak's Heart is surrounded by wilderness that is infested with Gor warherds.[1a]



According to local legend there was once a monster known as Kyleesh who used a magic cauldron to hide her evil nature. After murdering many people she was killed by local folk hero Old Greenhands.[1a]


Notable Inhabitants


  • Kyleesh may have been one of the followers of Tahotom, who fled to Ghyran after their master's destruction with his cauldron in hopes of restoring him. Their plan failed when they were hunted down, until Burrin Kerrero discovered the cauldron.[1a]


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