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Titles The Blind King[4a]
Type Ascended deity
Status Active
Relatives Teclis(Brother)[3]
Affiliation Order
Followers Lykerna
Adjectives Tyrionic[3]
For Tyrion in the World-That-Was see: Tyrion.

Tyrion is a god of the Realm of Hysh and the Lord of Lumination of the Mortal Realms.[1d]


Age of Myth

Tyrion awoke blind in the Realm of Hysh next to his brother Teclis. He woke his brother and, as the realm's ruling deities, they discovered they were able able to shape it to their will, but also responsible for serving and protecting it. Tyrion can only see through Teclis eyes, so they had to explore this new world together, growing more desperate to find more of their kind. To their joy they found something familiar, Sigmar, which quickly turned to despair as they learned there were no Aelves outside of Azyrheim. They both swore oaths to join Sigmar and his growing pantheon.[1a]

Tyrion and Malerion could not find any aelf outside of Azyrheim, but in their dreams they could hear the anguished cries of damned aelves devoured by Slaanesh. The Chaos God was left bloated and helpless by the souls he devoured during the End Times, so it hid hoping to digest his meal. But thanks to the manipulations of Tzeentch over Khorne and the two newly born aelven gods, they captured Slaanesh, but failed their duties to Sigmar's Great Alliance, one of the many reasons that lead to the Age of Chaos.[1a] Not only that but he also treated the entire alliance as peripheral.[1c]

After discovering the betrayal of the Demian Seers, Tyrion mobilises his forces to eradicate the Slaanesh sigils the cult has carved in the salt flats of Demia. The sigils are protected by thousands of Daemonettes, which are eventually driven off, but not before doing massive damage to the Aelven cavalry.[2a]

Age of Chaos

He, Teclis and Malerion used their powers to obscure Azyr, hiding the creation of the Stormcast Eternals from even Tzeentch himself.[1b]

Age of Sigmar

Morathi warns the Aelven gods, of Slaanesh's eventual escape, but Tyrion is indifferent to her warning.[2a]


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