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Bilgeport is the smallest and most unusual of the Order strongholds found on the Coast of Tusks, a city rules by piratical lords.[1b]


Rather than having been founded by any Stormhost, it was founded by pirates who found life under Azyrite law stifling. It was founded within the drifting skeleton of a sea-leviathan.[1b] This sea-serpent was the spawn of Nharvolak, a god of beasts that would rise from the seas every five-hundred years to destroy cities and civilisations, and unleash its spawn to devour all life. This deity was eventually blinded and driven into the deep alongside its spawn by Sigmar. The entity whose skeleton formed the cove of Bilgeport, rather than sinking with the rest of its kin, simply washed ashore and died, where its bones were picked clean by carrion-beasts and savages. The High Captains that rule Bilgeport have used the remains of this leviathan since the founding of Excelsis.[2a]


Bilgeport is a borderline-anarchic place where all manner of skullduggery and illicit dealing is rife. It is home to neither Freeguild nor Grand Conclave. Instead, it is ruled by Pirate Lords, known as the High Captains, who have escaped judgement by selling the services of their mariners and mercenaries to Sigmar's generals, who readily accept any aid for their hard-pressed armies in Excelsis.[1b][2a]


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