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Three Demigryph Knight miniatures.

Demigryph Knights are some of the most elite and finest of the warriors of the Free Peoples, the Freeguild and the Cities of Sigmar.[1a][3][5]

They are led by Preceptors and supported by Standard Bearers and Hornblowers.[4][5]


Many can trace their ancestors through bloodlines of Azyr and have been trained from a young age to ride the ferocious, dangerous and temperamental demigryphs into battle. Charging into battle on the back of Demigryphs, which they are specially deadly at, their steeds can leap over defensive spears to crash down in the midst of the enemy, tearing them apart with razor-sharp talons and beaks.[1a][3][5]


Knights are heavily armoured and wield fearsome Cavalry Halberds, Lances and Swords whilst their mounts rely on their vicious beaks and talons. They also carry shields to protect themselves.[1b][3][4]




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