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Thajara was a aelf Sorceress who sought to kill Dakkbad Grotkicker. [1a]

In the Realm of Ghur, the sorceress had, through her blood-scrying, noted the approach of the Ironsunz Warclan and decided to act to remove the threat to the area. She summoned allies from the Realm of Ulgu to kill the leader, which she hoped would throw the clan into disarray and infighting. However, with weakened abilities from not being in their home realm the assassins killed the wrong orruk. [1a]

Next she tried bribing a nearby tribe of Moonclan Grots to do the same and although they nearly succeeded by trapping Dakkbad with an angry Dankhold Troggoth, he survived and interrogating the Got leader, discovered her plot. He disguised himself as another Orruk and went to meet her to claim the reward. When the Megaboss revealed himself, her guard captain tried to intervene to protect her but had his head torn off, whilst the rest of her loyal servants were attacked by a Maw-krusher and other Orruks. [1a]

She was punched in the gut sending her sprawling and the last thing she heard was the words of the orruck she had tried to kill: Didn't expect me to outwits ya, did ya, pointy-ears? But I ain't like da uvver boyz. I'm Dakkbad Grotkicker, and I'm always one step ahead...Dat's why I'm da best.[1a]


She had a hill top tower guarded by loyal aelves and hidden by magical wards. [1a]


You were a potential threat, greenskin. Now your death will remove a problem from these la......This is not Dakkbad Grotkicker.

~ Thajara.[1a]


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