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Karaks are the strongholds of the Duardin peoples. Many of these mighty and imposing settlements were lost during the Age of Chaos, when many Duardin were forced to flee to Azyr or find alternative means of survival, such as taking to the skies in the case of the Kharadron Overlords.[1][2b]


Age of Myth

The Age of Myth bears witness to the rise of many Khazalid Empires across the Mortal Realms. The strongholds of these empires are known as Karaks, in the ancient Khazalid language of the Duardin.[1a]

Age of Chaos

The horrors of the Age of Chaos shatter the mighty empires of the Duardin and those that survive are forced to flee. At first many clans seek refuge with the fyreslayers, their highly defensive magmaholds and their martial culture meaning most had not been breached by the forces of Chaos. The fyreslayers however had closed their gates against them all, understanding that it was the only way they would survive the Chaos to come.[3a][6a]

In desperation the Duardins fled skyward to the nascent kharadron sky-ports and to the Realm of Azyr where they, and many countless other refugees, hide from the horrors of the Age. But they do not cower in fear, rather they hold fast to the memories of their Karaks and hold tight to the arts and crafts of their forebears.[3a][6a][8a]

Age of Sigmar

Clans of Dispossessed play a vital role in the reclamation and creation of the Cities of Sigmar and many choose to make new lives within those cities and defend them just as valiantly as they did they lost holds.[3a] But others, such as the Firewalk Clans, seek to regain their lost holds, reclaim relics of their past, or build new cities in new mountains.[2a]

List of Known Karaks