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The Free City of Seven Words is a City of Sigmar built into the summit of Gorkoman, the tallest mountain in the Realm of Ghur. [1][2]

Due to its height, all of the seven winds of magic blow strongly across it and a fortress has been built which incudes at its heart a dolmen of stone, runecraft and metal which binds the power of the wind of Azyr. Beneath the Free City is a tunnel network, that has a Realmgate at it's heart, the simply named Azyr Gate.[1]


In the Age of Myth, people of many races would come to this place to contemplate the Mortal Realms, listening to the winds as they blew across the top of the mountain. [1]

Many have fought over and conqurered the fortress, from followers of Chaos to the warriors of Gorkamorka and many have left their mark on the throne room of the castle.[1]

In the Age of Sigmar only a chosen few from the Realm of Azyr come to use its unique properties to try to gain a military advantage. [1]



  • Listening Order: An order of monks dedicated to contemplating the seven winds of power.[1]


  • Seventh Gate: This Realmgate found in the tunnels below the city is an aptly named Gate of Azyr.[1]
  • Seven Words Keep: This fortress has upon the Gorkoman Mountain since the Age of Myth. Through the ages it has been conquered by many warlords, each leaving their mark upon the fortress and it's surroundings in some way. Most recently it was conquered and claimed by Stormcast of the Bear-Eaters and Imperishables chambers, whose Lord-Castellants claimed it for themselves as they led the reconstruction of the city.[1][2]
    • Calefactory of the Bear-Eaters: A windowless calefactory claimed by the Knights of Bear-Eaters as their own. The pelts of beasts and Beastmen are draped over the chairs and across the floor of the chamber. When Hamilcar Bear-Eater was still in command of the Free City of Seven Words, the Bear-Eaters would gather in the chamber to carouse and tell exaggerated tales of their accomplishments.[1]
    • Throne Room: The opulent and somewhat rustic throne room of the fortress. A singular wall within the fortress is covered in chalk murals dedicated to the leaders and gods of those warbands and armies that have managed to conquer the keep, the largest of these is a mural of Gorkamorka. Lord-Castellant Hamilcar Bear-Eater allowed these murals to remain, as they reminded him both of his victory over those who came before and of his mortal life.[1]
  • Skybridge: A duardin crafted bridge arcs from the mountain to the peak of the next mountain. It is a singular arch of granite, with nary a single rope of strut built to support it.[1]
  • Walls: The walls that encircle the Free City of Seven Words. They are defended by a garrison of Freeguild soldiery and Stormcast of the Imperishables and Heavens Forged, formerly known as the Bear-Eaters, chambers.[1][2]


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