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A miniature of a Drakespawn mounted by a Drakespawn Knight.

Drakespawn are vicious reptilian beasts that the Aelves of the Order Serpentis have used as mounts ever since the fall of Narkath, as replacements for their lost Black Dragons. They are most often ridden by Drakespawn Knights or to pull their Drakespawn Chariots.[1a][1b][1c][2][3][4a]


Drakespawn are foul, bipedal cold-blooded reptiles that move with sure-footed speed, even with armored riders on their backs. Their fanged, ferocious maws and their claw are sharp enough to easily tear through metal and bone. Wild Drakespawn will usually be found hunting in packs, overcoming prey with their speed and ferocity.[1c][4a]


The Knights of Order Serpentis prefer using these swift, vicious reptiles as they do not easily frighten, even when faced with the monstrous beasts the Order hunt. Though even after generations of domestication, the vicious reptiles are hard to control, especially once they've caught the scent of fresh blood.[4a]



In Fantasy Battles these beasts were the same species as Cold Ones like the ones used by Lizardmen, but the transition to Age of Sigmar distinguished between the two kinds of raptor-like beasts.


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