Swifthawk Eyrie

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The Swifthawk Eyries, or Swifthawk Rookeries, are the abodes of the Aelves and Warhawks who make up the Swifthawk Agents.[1a][2a]


The Swifthawk Eyries are self-governing, maintaining a level of autonomy from the Cities of Sigmar that host them.[1a]

Known Eyries

A large number of Swifthawk Eyries are found both floating around the Spear of Mallus in Excelsis and lining the peaks of the Talons around Tempest's Eye.[1a][3a] Another Eyrie was once located in Arbitrium but fell with the rest of that city.[2a]

Named Eyries


The royal-blooded Aelves of the Swifthawk Agents make their abodes in these colossal citadels, as do the Warhawks and Swiftfeather Hwaks that carry them both to deliver messages and when they muster for war.[2b][4a] Stables are set aside for usage by these noble birds.[2b]