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The Reclaimed are those mortal residents of the Sigmar's Empire, especially among the Free Cities, descended from the tribes that resisted the taint of the Ruinous Powers and survived the Age of Chaos. Much to the chagrin of the Azyrites, many of the Reclaimed proudly hold onto their tribal traditions and pride.[1b]


Age of Chaos

The horrors of the Age of Chaos see countless great civilizations and peoples reduced to pockets of tribal survivors, who are forced into hiding or nomadic lives to survive the onslaught of the servants of the Ruinous Powers.[1a] In spite of the trials that beset them many of these tribes cling to survival, remaining free of the taint of Chaos.[1a][1b]

Age of Sigmar

The coming of Sigmar's Tempest, the Free Peoples of Azyr, and Sigmar's Stormhosts bring renewed hope to these beleaguered tribes, and many flock to the newly formed Cities of Sigmar in search of better lives. These scattered vestiges of mortalkind flow into the Cities of Sigmar, coming to live alongside the Azyrites, Dispossessed, and many other peoples.[1a][2a][3a]

The Reclaimed often find themselves ostracized and mistreated by the Azyr-born citizens of the Free Cities, as many of the people of the Celestial Realm refuse to believe that anyone could have survived in lower Realms during the Age of Chaos without falling to the sway of the Ruinous Powers. Still others accuse the Reclaimed of having resorted to other foul deeds to survive, such as turning to cannibalism.[2a][1b]


Many of those peoples and cultures labelled as Reclaimed retain some measure of tribal pride and as such will refer to themselves as belonging to their ancestral cultures or else the Free Cities they call home. For instance, a Reclaimed warrior or merchant of Great Parch would refer to themselves as of Hallowheart or of Anvilgard or whichever city they called home. Often times these divides can go even further, as citizens living throughout Hammerhal will proudly refer to themselves as parts of their home districts, such as the Riftsiders of Hammerhal Aqsha.[1b] These people will also hold onto cultural traditions centred on nearby landmarks and local resources.[6a]


  • The indigenous people of the Great Parch, often known as Parchers, are often seen as boisterous and volatile thugs by other folks, a reputation that they take pride in. For where others see brutish behaviour, Parchers see boldness of action. They are a hot-tempered lot, a byproduct of originating from the Realm of Fire, quick to violence and passion when emotions are roused.[10a][11a][12a]
  • The Reclaimed of the Free City of Brightspear largely live in the district of Ashfoot. The name originates as a derogatory term coined by the Azyrites of the city but the boisterous Aqshians chose to embrace it as their own.[12a]


  • The Free City of Excelsis boasts a diverse population of Reclaimed including leviathan hunters descended from tribes that once lived along the coastlines of the Coast of Tusks, as descendants of those native inhabitants of the lands claimed by the Excelsis, such as the Brackenmarsh.[7a]
  • Rondholian Reclaimed, like many peoples from the continent of Rondhol, have a reputation for being tempestuous and as quick to fits of sudden violence as the waterways of their homeland. They flock to the outposts and cities of Sigmar's Empire that have begun to arise across the western Ghurish Heartlands.[4a]