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The Age of Sigmar is one of the three Great Epochs of the Mortal Realms, preceded by the Age of Chaos. It began when Sigmar unleashed his holy tempest and sent the Stormcast Eternals of the Hammers of Sigmar Stormhost to the Brimstone Peninsula in an effort to open the Gate of Azyr.[1]

Realmgate Wars

For more information see: Realmgate Wars

The Age of Sigmar begins with the first strike against Chaos, the Stormcast Eternals being first hurled into battle in the Brimstone Peninsula in Aqshy. The Hammers of Sigmar, led by Lord-Celestant Vandus Hammerhand fought Korghos Khul and his army, the Goretide, and took the Igneous Gate, being the first of many conquests. The wars spread across the Mortal Realms, starting a series of events that would be known as the Realmgate Wars, as Sigmar made it a objective to capture as many realmgates as possible. During these wars the forces of Order discovered that were not only the Realms that were corrupted, but that Chaos had also twisted the Realmgates themselves. These portals not only hastened the corruption of the realms, but also lead to the Realm of chaos itself, and so Sigmar decreed that any such portal corrupted beyond redemption should be destroyed.[1a][5]

Sigmar desired to reform his pantheon of old and knew that the Stormcast could not fight by themselves so he sought allies across the realms. In Shyish they looked for Nagash, whose return had raised monuments of necromantic power from Helspoint to Morrsend.[1]. They looked for Gorkamorka in all the realms, specially Ghur. While Grungni could not be found, the lodges of his brother children, the Fyreslayers were discovered and some even became allies. Tyrion, Teclis and Malerion, the rulers of Ulgu and Hysh, could not be contacted. After Nurgle's almost complete conquest of Ghyran, Alarielle took refuge in the Hidden Vale of Athelwyrd. Stormcasts with the objective of restablishing their ancient alliance with the goddess and her Sylvaneth unwittinly led chaos to her refuge and haistly made alliance only barely escaped the assaulting forces. Alarielle fell into a vulnerable soulpod state, but the allies were able to hold off the powers of Chaos for the goddess seed to be sown and grow into her aspect of war.[5]

In the Eldritch Fortress in Chamon, Ghal Maraz was found and twelve Stormhosts were assembled into the Heldenhammer Crusade to recover Sigmar's sacred hammer. After a long campaign the sacred object was recovered and Sigmar was finally able to awaken the living avatar of his will, the Celestant-Prime.[5]

Knowing the power Nagash held, Archaon the Everchosen, sought to destroy the kingdoms of Shyish, before the death god's powers fully recovered. He went to Mount Kronus to gain control of Kiathanus, formely the most powerful of the Lords of Change, now cursed to become a daemon oracle. The Hammerhands tried to stop him, but were slain and sent back to Azyr. In response Dracothion helped the creation of the Extremis Chamber.[5]

The most powerful of Archaon's plots was his attempt at enslaving the Godbeasts. Argentine had long been corrupted by the powers of Tzeentch. In the Land of the Chained Sun, Archaon himself corrupted the mind of Ignax. In Ghyran, Skaven attempts at corrupting Behemat were spoiled by an alliance of Stormcast and Sylvaneth.[5]

A brief pause came to the realms as the forces prepared for the last battle of the Realmgate Wars, the fight for the Eightpoints. Dracothion came to Sigmar's palace to advise him, and caused Sigendil to flare bright, accelerating the Reforging process.[5]

Season of War

Times of Tribulations

For more information see: Time of Tribulations

Time of Tribulations was a period where the Mortal Realms were wracked by strange premonitions of the wars to come. During battles in this era armies could read the stars and interpret portents to their advantage.[6]

Arcanum Optimar

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Era of the Beast

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