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Yhuveth Trask is the Aelven captain of the Tide Serpent and a member of the Scourge Privateers.[1a][2]


Age of Sigmar

During the Fall of Anvilgard Yhuveth Trask sided with the Anvilgard Loyalists, not wanting to take part in the madness and the Shadow Queen's delusions of grandeur. He led an ambush group of resistance fighters consisting of aelven corsairs and wanderers, as well as humans clad in tunics of black and scarlet, against a group of well-armed aelven soldiers enthralled by a sorceress loyal to Drusa Kraeth, dispatching them and saving remains of the Charrwind Rangers unit led by Sergeant Hascull that had been fighting the Coven prior to Yhuveth's arrival.[2]

Yhuveth Trask held secret meetings with the Anvilgard Loyalists aboard his ship Tide Serpent, disguising the meetings as auctions. The location of these disguised meetings was accessible only through coded messages.[1a]

Appearance and Personality

Yhuveth had tattoos around his scarred, bald head that marked him as a Scourge. He had a clear and commanding voice.[2]

Weapons and Equipment

Yhuveth wore gaudy finery and a lizard-skin cloak, and carried a pair of two jewelled scimitars with him.[2]


My fate is mine alone to decide, and I’ll have no part of the Shadow Queen’s delusions.

~ Yhuveth Trask.[2]


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