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The fortified city of Fort Gardus.

Fort Gardus is both a militarised Free City and Stormkeep found in the Jade Kingdom of Verdia in the Everspring Swathe of Ghyran. [1a][4a]


Age of Sigmar

What was once a minor keep built on the borders between Sigmar's Empire and the daemon haunted Scabrous Sprawl, has since grown to become an imposing military city and bastion sitting at the centre of a vast network of fortresses and watchtowers, including the series of watchtowers known as the Emerald Line.[2a][3a]

Fall of Fort Gardus

During the Twin-Tailed Crusade the city was to serve as a stop over for the Ghyranite tail of the crusade. Tragically it was assaulted by Gargants led by King Brodd and a horde of Orruks led by Zoggrok Anvilsmasha and Tuskboss Hornsplitta, both of which had been ransacking the surrounding Order territories. The defense of the city was led by Gardus Steel Soul, for whom the city is named, along with allied forces. Ultimately the city fell, though Gardus struck Brodd into unconsciousness before the former's soul arced back to the Realm of Azyr to be Reforged.[4a]


Fort Gardus is located to the north of the Free City of Hammerhal Ghyra, the distance between them taking several days of marching to cover. The mighty bastion sits on the border between the areas claimed by Sigmar's empire and the Scabrous Sprawl to the north.[1a][2a]


Fort Gardus relies on shipments of wheat, barley, and oats from small agricultural settlements. One such settlement was Vinetown, before it was destroyed by Tzaangors. It also provides needed supplies to the other fortresses and watchtowers of the Emerald Line.[3a]


Fort Gardus is a heavily militarized city serving as one of the main lines of defense between Hammerhal and the dangers of the Realm of Ghyran. It acts as the nerve centre of the Emerald Line, a network of fortresses and watchtowers extending from Hammerhal Ghyra to the borders of the Scabrous Sprawl to the north and the Nevergreen Mountains to the west. Freeguild regiments and companies serve as the garrison and expeditionary forces of the city.[2a][3a]



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