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Izalend the White City, is a coastal Free City in the Realm of Ghur. [1]

The large port city is built around a deep bay and surrounded by the Everflame which burns across the water and tundra alike. Nearby is the vast icy Druichan Forest where once the Heart of Winter was guarded by bitter Dreadwood Sylvaneth. [1a]


Age of Myth

The Free City of Izalend was not the first city built inside the protection of the Everflame. Long ago in the Age of Myth a grand city was constructed upon the site that Izalend now stands.[1b]

Age of Chaos

When Sigmar was forced to retreat to the Realm of Azyr, the fires of the Everflame went out. Over the course of the apocalyptic Age of Chaos Izalend's precursor was sacked on many occasions by reavers, daemons and threats.[1b]

Age of Sigmar

Servants of Sigmar rekindle the Everflame with a single spark from the Six Smiths own forge and Izalend is built over the old ruins.[1b]

A huge armada under Tar Darag attacks the Gate of Martyrs in Malvo's youth, he remembers losing count after fifty ships had been destroyed.[1b]

Zarkland Zenthe seeks to capture the city to lay the foundations of a new Scourge empire in the Mortal Realms but his plans are foiled by his daughter. [1]

The Winterbite Mawtribe call down a ice storm that smothers the fire wall and sweep down into the city harbour riding icebergs, they grab thousands of citizens and soldiers before returning to the ice. It is thought that many more Ogors may still lurk in the ice floes that can be found in the area. [2a]


In the decades after the slaying of Old Jasper May the people of Izalend began to celebrate a feasting day in honor of Yndrasta.[5a]


  • The Everflame: a great wall of fire that surrounds the city, rising twice the height of a sailing ship, rendering it safe from attackers. Large fortified towers dot its length, themselves circled by magical energy. [1b]
  • Gate of Matyrs: The primary entrance to the city, a vast gold archway created from a pair of fortified towers that bristle with canons and organ guns, guarded by members of the Hearthguard. The arch is wide enough that a dozen ships can pass through at the same time, but a wall extending from the base of the arch towers restricts it no more than two vessels at a time whilst great chains can be raised across the entrance to close the gate completely.[1b]
  • Harbour: Although not as grand or as large as those of such great cities as Excelsis, large amounts of ships from a variety of races and cultures can be found here including duardin steamcogs, galleons, cargo hulks, whaling smacks. [1b]
  • Inner walls: A series of concentric stone walls further guard the city inside the Everflame. The city consequently rises up over several levels culminating in a great white fortress at the top. Each wall level is named and includes: [1b]
    • The Paupers Wall: As its name suggests it is the lowest level and largest, replete with many shanties, brothels and massage houses as well as the guildhall of the Brotherhood of Larcenists. [1c]


  • The Hearthguard: They wear chainmail, golden breastplates and conical fur hats and are armed with long-barrelled muskets or billhooks. Arika Zenthe considered them even more complacent than the Freeguild regiments of Excelsis. [1b]
  • The Ice Barons: A regiment that has garnered a reputation as specialists in winter warfare.[4a]


Notable Inhabitants



The city obtains minerals from Skythane, a City of Sigmar to the north in the Gryphspine Mountain Range.[3a]


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