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This is an article for the modern version of Khazalid still spoken by the Duardin of the Age of Sigmar. For the language spoken by the ancient Khazalid Empire see Old Khazalid
Khazalid Runes

Khazalid is the name for a group of languages that descends from Old Khazalid, the ancestral language of the Dispossessed and other cultures descended from the fallen Khazalid Empire.[1a][1b][4a]


The script of modern Khazlid is written in runes.[2a][5a]


Age of Sigmar

By the time the Cities of Sigmar are established across the Mortal Realms, the language spoken by the Dispossessed has evolved enough that many can no longer read the ancient runic script of the Khazalid Empire or else do not recognize words once considered common during the height of that civilization.[2a][4a]


Some warriors of the Dispossessed are known to have Khzalid runes engraved on their armour.[5a]

Variations from Old Khazalid

Though the current iterations of Khazalid share much in common with their root language over the centuries the language spoken by the Duardin has changed and fractured. Words that had once been commonplace such as the terms Dawi and Elgi have since fallen out of favour and are perceived as archaic by modern Duardin.[3a][4a]

Related Languages

Modern forms of Khazalid all have roots in the Old Khazalid once spoken when the Khazalid Empire was at its height.[2a][4a] Kharadrid, the language spoken by the Kharadron Overlords, is a related language also descended from Old Khazalid.[6][7a]

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