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Bright Wardens are one of the Freeguild regiments of the city of Brightspear, who date back as far as the reclamation of the city.[1a][1b]


The seat of Brightspear's Conclave, the Brighthall, remains closed to the general public until Lord-Arcanum Salonia Gravewing releases the city from martial law and elevates a new Chancellor to lead the Conclave.[1a] The duty of ensuring that no one enters the Brighthall falls to the Bright Wardens, who patrol the palatial facility at all hours of the day, regardless of whether or not the Conclave is currently in session.[1a] This is seen as an enviable position and the regiment is proud of the duty that they have been trusted with, and quite enjoy the privileges that come with it.[1a]


Age of Sigmar

They date as far back as the reclamation of the city of Brightspear, when the Celestial Warbringers[1] first freed the city from the clutches of the followers of Tzeentch[1]. They are proud of their long and venerable history.[1b]

After the Necroquake the Bright Wardens began a program where they offer basic training to the residents of the Lower Tier. Sergeant Vivika Kell is in charge of training volunteers to use a sword, while Sergeant Axel Ek is in command of arquebus training. Some who are trained in this manner are even recruited into the regiment.[1b]


In addition to guarding the Brighthall, they are tasked with being the watchmen and patrolmen of the Lower Tier, keeping the districts of that part of the city safe. They typically break up fights, act to stop any crimes in progress, and handle emergencies like fires.[1b]


  • The vivid white and purple uniforms of the Bright Wardens are modeled after the Nepholites, one of the ancient tribes of Azyr. The same colors decorate their barracks.[1b][1c]

Notable Members

  • Vivika Kell: Freeguild Sergeant charged with teaching residents of Lower Tier how to protect themselves by teaching them to wield swords.[1b]
  • Axel Ek: Freeguild Sergeant charged with teaching residents of Lower Tier how to protect themselves by teaching them how to use arquebuses.[1b]


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