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The City of Vandium is named after Vandus Hammerhand, the legendary Lord-Celestant of the Hammerhands Warrior Chamber and most famed warrior of the Hammers of Sigmar. It has strong ties to the Twin-Tailed City, which is located to the east of the fortress city.[1a][2a]


Age of Sigmar

The City of Vandium is built sometime after the Realmgate Wars and forms close ties with the city of Hammerhal Aqsha, one half of the greatest of the Cities of Sigmar. It gains a reputation as a near-unbreachable fortress and becomes a staging ground for Sigmar's crusades across the central regions of the Great Parch.[2a]

A force from the city led by Maerilla aided the royal fyrd of the Vostarg Lodge, led by Bael-Grimnir himself in relieving the besieged stronghold of Brynhold near the Onyx Gate. He rewarded them with an ongoing alliance, providing warriors for gold. [1a]

Vandium's reputation was nearly shattered when the city was nearly destroyed during the Necroquake, when two armies of Nighthaunt attempted to overrun it. The armies may have even succeeded in their attempt to conquer Vandium, had both armies been united into a single force.[2a]


Goods from Hammerhal Aqsha and Vandium travel northward along the Great Ash Road to the city of Edassa, and from there much needed supplies flow through to the lands and settlements of the Flamescar Plateau. The seemingly cursed city of Anvalor was able to be built thanks to this extensive trade route.[2a]


The Fortress City of Vandium is located in the Capilaria region of the Great Parch, located to the west of Hammerhal Aqsha on the northern edge of the Coast of Bone. The Crescent Sea is located to the immediate south of the city. It's position makes it a perfect staging ground for the many wars fought to claim the central regions of the Great Parch.[2a]

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