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The Free City of Tabar is a coastal City of Sigmar found on the coast of the world-continent of Prosperis, where it meets the Skyshoals.[1a][1c]


Age of Sigmar

Tabar was founded on the continent of Prosperis a millennium and a half after the fall of the Achromian Empire.[1a][1b]


The Free City of Tabar is located on the coast of Prosperis, where it looks out over the Skyshoals and the interior of the Prosperis mainland.[1a]


The Free City of Tabar trades extensively with Bastion and its outlying colonies. Some merchants hire Kharadron to carry goods, such as guns and swords, from Tabar to the outlying colonies.[1b]


  • Defensive Walls: The defensive walls that encircle the city. When the city was still young it had already grown so much that its buildings spilled past its initial walls.[1b]
  • Guardian Idols: A set of Guardian Idols, resembling heroic figures, line the walls and docks of the city. They glow with protective magics.[1b]
  • Nexus Syphons: The city boasts several Nexus Syphons that dutifully drain the land of corruption. Each shining like a sun.[1b]
  • Taverns: The city only has two taverns.[1a]


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