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Grandmaster Huras was the First of the Grandmasters of the Eldritch Council and legends say that he personally destroyed the Valagharr the Betrayer, a powerful spell-smith who betrayed Sigmar and Azyr in favor of serving Nagash.


These legends are only partially true, for Huras led his comrades to assault the lands of Valagharr, defeated the traitor, and destroyed his body. But the soul is not easily unmade, especially one so high in the favor of Nagash. So Huras and his comrades chose to seal Valagharr's soul in a phylactery made of Azyrire starstone. Then hid the artefact away in the underworld known as the Latchkey Isle.

But this victory would cost the aelf his life, for Valagharr placed a powerful and deadly curse on the aelf. One of the twisted and malevolent shards of Valagharr's soul claims this curse was one of his greatest masterpieces.[1b]


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