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Black Dragons, or Narkathian Dragons, are a species of obsidian-scaled dragons ridden into battle by the Dreadlords of the Order Serpentis and the Sorceresses of the Darkling Covens.[1a][1b][3b]


Age of Myth

Black Dragons originate in Narkath, an empire in the Realm of Ulgu, where they were created for the nation's rulers, the Order Serpentis, with aid from Darkling Sorceresses. In those days the noxious dragons were so populace every knight of the Order rode one into battle.[3a][3b]

Age of Chaos

When the armies of Chaos invaded the Mortal Realms the empire of Narkath fell in only a few short decades, the vast majority of its knights and their dragons slain by armies of daemons. Those knights who survived did so by fleeing to the Realm of Azyr, taking what Black Dragon eggs remained with them.[2a][3b]

Age of Sigmar

Even well into the Age of Sigmar 'Black Dragons are on the verge of extinction, the species kept alive only by dark rituals performed by the Order Serpentis wherein the blood of tortured victims is used to incubate the eggs.[2a][3b]


Over the course of their habitation in Narkath these dragons adapted to their environment, a bleak land of acid lakes and black rain, becoming monstrous terrors. So few of these dragons remain that the knights of the Order Serpentis resort to inbreeding to keep up their numbers, the eggs they lay hatching into healthy dragons, free of deformity and disease, only thanks to the dark rituals performed by the Order. However, these rituals curse the dragons with sadistic urges, causing them to revel in slaughter and the screams of their victims just as much as their Dreadlord riders.[2a][3b]


They are known to lay waste to entire armies with their dagger-like claws and their breath, vomiting a cloud of foul, noxious gas that chokes those in it. They are know to lay waste to entire armies with their dagger-like claws.[1a][1b]



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