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Errant Draconith.jpg
Errant Draconith
Grand alliance Order
Origins Children of Dracothion
Type Beasts

Draconith are draconic creatures descended from Dracothion the Great Drake. They were once a prominent race of the Mortal Realms in the era Before the Ages and coming of Sigmar's Pantheon. Though they were brought to near extinction by the ambitions of Kragnos.[1][2] During the Era of the Beast they returned, the remaining eggs hatched by the Seraphon and joined forces with the Stormcast Eternals.[4a]


The Draconith are draconic in appearance, much like the other races descended from Dracothion.[1][2] They have thick scales and claws that can eviscerate even the largest of prey. Their flaming breath can burn anything in its path to ash. The flame depends on the realm where the Draconith was reared, if it was born in High Azyr it would have crackling electric flame while the Draconith of Ghur have Amber Fire that leave slag similar to hardened sap.[4c] Their arcane heritage regardless of where they were born makes them resistant to magic.[4d]


Before the Ages

The Draconith resided in the Mortal Realms long before the civilizations of Humans, Duardin, Aelves, and Orruks rose across the Ghurish Heartlands. During these ancient days they formed an alliance with another bestial people, the Drogrukh to fight against the Dragon Ogor Shaggoths who attempted to claim lordship over Thondia. The Draconith who had learnt about the vile nature of Chaos from Dracothion were driven by hatred against the beings who turned away from the natural order by entering into a pact with the Dark Gods while the Drogrukh were driven to protect their own supremacy over the Ghurish Heartlands. The War of Thirteen Peaks raged for years and ultimately the Shaggoths of the Thunderscorn Peaks were driven to near extinction. The two races went their own way in an accord of mutual respect. [1][3a]

The alliance between the Draconith and Drogrukh came to an end when a powerful Drogrukh known as Kragnos the End of Empires led his warband against the Draconith. The homeland of the Draconith and many of their people were destroyed, Kragnos himself flew into a rage upon seeing how many of his companions had been lost in battle and set about crushing all the Draconith eggs he could find.[1]

The Draconith princes and brothers Krondys and Karazai who were known for their love of scholastic lore discovered the existance of the Slann and found a way to telepathically communicate with them. Salvation came to the Draconith when they begged Lord Kroak for aid. The ancient Slann devised a plan, with the aid of Dracothion, to trap Kragnos beneath a mountain and in return the Draconith gave their remaining eggs to the voidfaring temple-ships of Kroak. At the Twinhorn Peak the alliance lured Kragnos who started to overpower the alliance. However when Kragnos realised that the peak was infact a hollow granite horn of a colossal, long-dead creature it was too late and a manifestation of Dracothion coiled around him as he was lowered into the mountain. [1][3a]

In vengeance for the destruction reigned upon them and their unborn young, the Draconith destroyed the Drogrukh nation known as Donse.[2]

Age of Sigmar

Seraphon secretly hatched the egg clutches hidden throughout the realms and in cosmic temple-ships. [4c] These hatchlings were reared with the tales of Kragnos and their forefathers growing their hatred against the God of Earthquakes and his kind.[4b] With the return of Kragnos and the arrival of the Era of the Beast sigmar began laying for the conflicts to come. It was then the roar of Dracothian rocked Azyr as the flight of a host of reptilian behamoths led by Krondys and Karazai darkened the glow of Mallus. The drake-lords presented themselves before Sigmar and after week long councils mediated by Stardrakes the Pact Draconis is forged for the union of Stormcast and Draconith forming the first Stormdrake Guard.[4a]


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