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The Lady's Justice company is a Freeguild operating within the Realm of Ghyran. The company is currently commanded by Captain Brida Devholm and Lieutenant Drigg, her Duardin second-in-command, who have served the company for twenty years.[1a]


At some point the company was tasked with defending the Greenspire which is part of the string of border watchtowers known as the Emerald Line, which acts as Hammerhal Ghyra's border with the Hexwood. During their seneschal over the watchtower it was besieged by a large Tzeentchian Warflock, part of a string of assaults on all the towers of the Emerald Line. Though many died in the siege they managed to rally and defeat the invaders.[1a]

On patrol they encountered a large beastmen warband and although they defeated them, some of the company were wounded and they lost the surviving beastmen in a storm. They headed back to Greywater to tend to the wounded and encounted Trisethni, a lone Aelf of the Daughters of Khaine on a mission. They exchanged information and Captain Devholm gave her directions to avoid the battle site. [2a]


While the members of the Lady's Justice pay homage to the God-King, as all Freeguilds do, many of it's members venerate and worship the Lady of Leaves.[1a]


  • Brida Devholm: Captain of Lady's Justice Freeguild Company.[1a]
  • Drigg: The Duardin Lieutenant and second-in-command of the company. [1a]
  • Brock: A veteran sergeant of the company that fell to Chaos and aided a Tzaangor Warflock in laying siege to Greenspire. Slain by Brida Devholm during the height of the Siege of Greenspire.[1a]
  • Orla: Gunnery Sergeant and veteran of the company. Slain by Sergeant Brock during the Siege of Greenspire.[1a]
  • Kende: Recruited just before the events of the Siege of Greenspire. Slain by Sergeant Brock.[1a]
  • Raela: Recruited to the company just before the events of the Siege of Greenspire.[1a]


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