Drakespawn Knight

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A Drakespawn Knight.

Drakespawn Knights are the Aelven cavalry mounted on Drakespawn used in Order Serpentis armies and some of their most fearsome warriors. They are small in number, but more than make-up for it with their ferocity, able to win a hard-fought battle in a single devastating charge. [1a][1b][2]

They are commanded by Dread Knights and supported by Standard bearers and Hornblowers.[1a][1b][2]


These Serpentis warriors fight mounted on cold-blooded, foul Drakespawn, who make formidable mounts with claws and fangs are sharp enough to tear through metal and bone with ease. The skill of the rider and viciousness of the mounts, who attack with their ferocious jaws, sets them above the cavalry of other races.[1a][1b][2]


The riders are armed with Barbed Lances, Barbed Blades and Darkshields.[1a][1b][2]



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