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This page contains spoilers for: Gloomspite (novel)

Moonclan rising in Draconium.

Draconium was a large fortified border city in the Realm of Aqshy located two hundred and eighty-two miles to the north of Hammerhal Aqsha. [1a][1b]

The city dominated the Drake's Jaw pass in the volcanic Redspine Range, its springs were used to feed a canal that troop barques and trade barges traverse the reconsecrated area north of Hammerhal. [1a]

It was destroyed by the Bad Moon and an army of the Gloomspite Gitz lead by Skragrott the Loonking. [1]


It had a substantial wall, the southern part of it blocking the mountain pass completely, with the gate house made from iron-banded marble and guarded by am immense portcullis. [1d]


The military of the city was divided into the militia-militant and the city watch. The militia led by the Arch-Lector is responsible for dealing with external threats and manning the city's defences while the city watch under led by its captain was responsible for dealing with internal threats.[1d][1e]



  • Docksflow: Barges that come upriver from Hammerhal Aqsha dock here. [1b]
  • Forges: Factories and workshops. [1b]
  • Fountains Square: A broad expanse nearly half a mile across dominated by a statue-fountain of Sigmar Triumphant.[1c]
  • Hallowheart: Palace of the Regent Militant. [1c]
  • Gallowhill: The highest district in Draconium, spreading across a hilltop. A watch blockhouse is located here. [1b][1c]
  • High Drake: An affluent area of the city. [1b]
  • Piper's District: Poor and dangerous area of the city with many shabby tenements built to house dock workers. [1b]
    • Drovers Lane. [1b]
    • Wayward King Tavern. A slab like building that looks like it has been carelessly discarded rather than built, it has cracked bottleglass windows, eroding heavy roof slates and badly peeling rain-proofing down its frontage. [1b]
  • Pole Hill: Shrines that are ruled by, the Etched, Priests. [1c]
  • Westslope: Common grazing land, protected by a wooden stockade. [1c]

Flora and Fauna


  • Heating: The city had a thermal heating-pipe network that draws volcanic heat up through the pipehouse and funnels it to the richer regions of the city. [1b]
  • Light: Much of it was lit by Spark lanterns. [1d]


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