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A list of spells that are specific to certain units in the Eldritch Council army.


Name Casters Description Sources
Drain Magic Archmage on Dragon This spell conjures a vortex of anti-magic, dispelling the spells of the enemies and banishing Daemons from battle. Archmage on Dragon warscroll
Elemental Shield Archmage The caster weaves a dome of magical energy around themselves and their allies close enough to them. Archmage warscroll
Flames of the Phoenix Drakeseer The caster summons flames out of thin air that immolate the unworthy, growing hotter with every second. The spell can will eventually falter, but before that it can continue to burn eventually turning into a conflagration. Drakeseer warscroll
Hand of Glory Loremaster The caster does a simple sign that enchants his allies with the might of old, making them more likely to hit and wound their foes. Loremaster warscroll
Eldritch Council
Units Archmage - Dragon - Drakeseer - Loremaster - Swordmaster
Characters Aliadrenne Verentrai - Eldorel - Huras
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