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Thindrael Anyaerios was a Aelf Skycutter ranger, a member of the Swifthawk Agents posted to Highcrater Watch in the Jade Kingdom of Verdantia. [1]

This page contains spoilers for: Blacktalon: First Mark (novel)

Like many rangers, he often slept in his rangers garb, able to quickly don his boots, cloak and sword belt in an emergency. [1a]

His lover was his fellow ranger, Yllith.


He had been posted to Highcrater for thirty years, patrolling the clouds and bearing messages between the cities of Order.[1a]

The outpost was attacked by a unseen powerful enemy, all the other aelves being slain and Tllith sacrificing himself so that Thindrael could escape - but even he was badly injured, some magical attack, forcing the very blood out through his skin. As the great hawk, Hasha pulled him and his skycutter to safety and he lost conscious. [1a]

Withn Thindrael still unconscious, they flew through the Brazenreach Realmgate into the Realm of Ghur where he finally came to and managed to reach Excelsis and safety. He spent time healing in the Eeyie above the city in the quarters kept for flying allies of the Stormcast Eternals who could reach it. His skin remained damaged with scar tissue and his eyes were tinted red by his ordeal. [1b]

He petioned Lord-Castellant Martoris Skywarden, commander of the aerial station to assist him in discovering who had carried out the attack and avenge those who had died. Martoris in turn would send Knight-Venator Tarion to him and together they would travel to Verdantia to his fallen watch station. There they would be attacked by Rotbringers and Thindrael was slain by a Blightking.[1b]


Lord, I do not know what happened here or what did this to my kin, to my watchtower . I see no sign of the one I came in hopes of finding and laying to rest, but now that I see this, I am glad not to. This ghastly place gives no chance at vengeance, it only fills me with horror. Please tell me that you, at least, see the answers you seek.



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