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Colostrum is a City of Sigmar on the southeastern coast of the Jade Kingdom of Erosia.[1a][2a][3a]


Age of Sigmar

Colostrum was destroyed early in it's history by a daemonic invasion orchestrated by a trio of Arcanites from within the city's prison, the Erosian Gaol.[1a]

After sneaking into a prison cart and being thrown into dark cells, the trio begins etching sigils into their cells. These summon Herald of Tzeentchs that go on to melt the prison bars, kill the guards, and incite a prison break. Eventually this violent riot pours out into the city streets and the daemons overrun the city.[1a]

In spite of this setback the city survived into the Era of the Beast. Several Stormcast Eternals stationed in the experienced strange visions and, after convening with Questor Kasta Hellias, set out on a quest to the Gnarlwood.[3a]


  • Erosian Gaol: A dank, dark prison where a trio of Arcanites staged a jailbreak as a means of masking their true intentions, covering the walls of their cells and the rest of the prison in strange sigils that summon daemons.[1a]

Notable Residents

  • Lord-Castellant Herqa: The Lord-Castellant in charge of the city's construction and defense at the time of the daemonic invasion.[1a]


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