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Yarga-Sjuhan was the Grand Matriarch of Excelsis during the brutal Siege of Excelsis.[1]


She was a heavily battle-scarred woman, owing to her long career in the Freeguilds.[1][2a]


Age of Sigmar

Before rising to the head of the Grand Conclave of Excelsis Yarga-Sjuhan served within the Freeguilds, having risen to the coveted rank of General. Eventually she rose to be the Grand Matriarch of Excelsis.[1]

After the Night of a Hundred Blindings Yarga-Sjuhan called an emergency meeting of the Grand Conclave. These proceedings put forward a motion to have the Nullstone Brotherhood disbanded. Were it not for the impassioned speeches from Odo Maulgen, leader of the Brotherhood, and his ally Darrac Neve, the Brotherhood would have been disbanded. Nevertheless, Yarga-Sjuhan and the Conclave ordered the Brotherhood to cease its activities and lynchings, allowing them to only attack those the Grand Conclave ordered them to.[2a]

During the Siege of Excelsis she took over the duties of Prime Commander Fettelin, after he was crushed under rubble. She directed the military commanders of the city such as Wing Commander Ragni Drakkarson and High Ordinancer Dalland Kross.[1] She also worked closely with Grandseer Trasmus, keeping an augurium in the Palace Excelsium, and his staff to use Glimmerings to predict where best to place soldiers during the siege. When High Despot Liegermann suggested she enact the Desolus Decree on the city, to prevent it from falling to invading armies, she refused, considering the self-annihilation of the city an absolute last resort.[1] When a Skink Starpriest arrived on behalf of Lord Kroak to aid the council, Yarga Sjuhan accepted its council, despite the bellicose Orator Magnus Flavius Mughat's attempts to throw the creature out.[1] When the Newborn was summoned into the city she and her honor guard, comprised entirely of women Greatswords, were captured and enthralled. But eventually they escaped the spell thanks to the Witch Hunters Galen ven Denst and Doralia ven Denst.[2b]


Her personal blade was known as Warspite. It was an elegant blade with a jewelled handle.[1]