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Coat of arms of the city of Lumnos

Lumnos the last great Citadel-City of Aspiria, located in the Great Parch of the Realm of Aqshy. [1a] The city's closest neighbors are Brightspear and Steel Spike.[1a]. Unlike many other cities in Aqshy, Lumnos never fell to the hordes of Chaos. Its is home to the Council Pyre and the House of Rising Embers.[1a]



The city is ruled by the Council Pyre, once the ruling council of mages from all over Aspiria, now, with only Lumnos remaining, it has become a warcouncil, coordinating the fight against Chaos. The council has recently rekindled the friendship between Lumnos and Brightspear, but remain wary of possible lingering influence of the Agloraxi Empire amonge the Spearians.[2a]



Occasionally visiting monks of the renowned order of the Flickering Fists will put on public demonstrations of their skills in the city's streets.[2b]


The markets of Lumnos are home to more magical artefacts than anywhere else in Aqshy, safe for the Floating City and Hammerhal itself. With the reclamation of Brightspear and the recent easing of restrictions, trade has begun to flow between Brightspear and Lumnos.[2a]

One export of Lumnos are Coldfire Orbs. Glass spheres filled with highly volatile chemicals. When broken, they burst into cold, blue, flames, freezing the area on impact.[3a]


Lumnos battlemages regularly volunteer their service to support the forces of Order in their fight against the hordes of Chaos.[2a]