Whitefire Court

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The Whitefire Court is a branch of the Collegiate Arcane found within the Free City of Hallowheart, where it claims unrivalled power over the politics and governance of the city.[3a][4a]

Facilities and Resources

The Whitefire Court was constructed entirely out of emberstone, the primordial Realmstone of the Realm of Aqshy. The facility warps and morphs according to the whims of it's occupants.[1a]

The Court hosts a large collection of Agloraxi artefacts they have recovered from the ruins scattered across the Flamescar Plateau. Among these artefacts are the Whitefire Tomes, magic grimoires that contain esoteric knowledge recovered by the Court's mages, which they often sale in the markets of many Free Cities. This intensive search for lost lore and artefacts is far from altruistic however, as the Whitefire Court uses their finds to increase their already incredible power.[1a][4a]


The innate eldritch magic found within Hallowheart, and the Shimmering Abyss it is found in, heightens the already incredible magic might of the members of the Whitefire Court.[4a]



  • Pyrocask: A battle altar made of emberstone.[3a]
  • Whitefire Tomes: These spellbooks contain arcane secrets recovered by members of the Whitefire Court.[4a]