Towers of the Eight Winds

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The Towers of the Eight Winds are eight glimmering, arcane towers and colleges that hover above the Eternal City of Azyrheim like candles. Each tower belongs to one of the Eight Colleges of Magic that make up the Collegiate Arcane.[!a]


The Collegiate Arcane was first formed after the arcane masters of thousands of cultures from across the Mortal Realms fled to the Realm of Azyr during the Age of Chaos. These wizards, war-seers, thaumaturges, druids, pyromancers,soul-whisperers, and many more mages besides brought with them much wisdom, and the God-King himself decreed this wisdom should be preserved and thus the Collegiate was born.[1a]

The Towers of the Eight Winds were constructed soon after to serve as the colleges and laboratories for these mages.[1a]


Many of the Battlemages that fight for the Free Cities trained for decades within the halls of one of these towers. But only those who have studied for a decade within each of these towers is considered a true expert of magic, earning them the title of Grandmaster of the Collegiate.[1a]