Vizrin Kyre

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Vizrin Kyre is the Aelf Fleetmaster of the Scourge Privateers of Hammerhal Aqsha and a member of the Twilight Cabal.[1a]

Kyre's fleet comprises at least twelve reaver-ships with Hel's Claw as his flagship.[1c]


A tall pale aelf with long dark hair and black eyes, he has one leg transformed into a weapon limb. [1b]


I learned long ago not to underestimate Zarkland Zenthe. I would not have travelled to this miserable realm if I thought his plan had no merit. He speaks truth when he says the Scourge is destined for more than simply bowing to the God-King's every whim.

~ Kyre to Malvo L'Polche Guinmark.[1b]


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