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Ten Freeguild Greatsword miniatures.

The Freeguild Greatswords are one of the elite elements of the Freeguild and the Cities of Sigmar. [1a]

Veteran soldiers and grim men clad in magnificent, finely-wrought plate armour they act as shock troops for the Freeguild armies, often slaying with a song and smile as they carve gaps in the enemy lines.[1a][2][3]

They are led by a Guild Champion and are well known for their ability to safeguard officers of their regiment and other champions of Order. These units are also supported by Hornblowers and Standard Bearers.[1b][2]


Only those who have won countless battles and have taken part in the thickest and bloodiest fighting are promoted to Greatswords, both for their honour and feats of arms.[2]


They are armed with a deadily Zweihanders - large, two-handed greatblades - capable of cleaving an armoured knight in two with one blow or decapitating them in a single strike.[1b][2][3]



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