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Alchemite Warforgers are powerful specialist wizards of the Collegiate Arcane from the Gold College seconded to the Freeguilds for their mastery over metal and arcane machinery.[2a]


The powers of the Alchemite Warforger allow them to multiply the resilience of metals used by Sigmar's armies many times over making wrought-iron as resilient as duardin-worked titanium while simple steel swords gain the cutting power of razored invictunite sabers. Meanwhile enemy gear turns into heavy cumbersome lead, blade-hilts burning red till their bearers drop them and halberds melt away. [2a]


Warforger are extremely prized among Dawnbringer Crusades to the point Dawners would often treat them with the best meat and ale available between battles. This is with good reason as when their powers are unleashed on the battlefield it gives the soldiers of Sigmar the opportunity to sink their enhanced blades and bullets into the flesh of the enemies, attacks that would have rebounded on enemy armor if not for the metallurgical magics. As the helpless enemies are massacred the hollow laugh of the of the Warforgers could be heard beneath their graven masks as they find the sight of enemies being unmade by their own prized weapons extremely pleasing. [2a]


Each Alchemite Warforger is armed with a Tongstaff which doubles as a melee weapon but mainly to unleash the power of the Runic Crucible they carry, which harnesses the elemental magics of Chamon to empower their spellcasting.[2b] These portable forges are created with the aid of Duardin smiths and contain the power of an inferno. The long-handled tongs allow them to reach into the crucible without risking their flesh melting away and bring out the cuboid artefacts contained within, an act which not only changes the state of the artefact but also that of the battlefield. Just by turning the artefact Warforgers can melt the metal around him until all of it flows at his command.[2a]


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