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Gromril Iron, or simply Gromril, is a metal that was mined and used by the Khazalid Empires, who used it to create their mighty karaks. The Ironweld Arsenal and the Dispossessed of the Cities of Sigmar, descendants of the Khazalid Empires, make heavy use of the metal as well. It is used in many of the weapons and contraptions used by these proud duardin.[1a][1b]


The Dispossessed and Ironweld Arsenal use gromril for a wide variety of purposes, mostly in the crafting of armours and weapons. The enchanted armour made of gromril, known as Gromril Plate, is used by the Dispossessed's warriors such as their Irondrakes and Ironbreakers, it is also worn by Cogsmiths. Such armour can be coloured to match the preferences of the clan that made it.[1a][1b][1c]The Longbeards of the Dispossessed use Gromril Shields.[1d] In addition to being encased in full, heavy gromril plate armour, the Hammerers who defend the lords of the Dispossessed wield great hammers made of gromril iron.[1e]

Wealthy Kharadron will occasionally commission ornate items made from gromril, such as pipes.[2a]