Agloraxi Citadels

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Agloraxi Citadels in northern Aspiria

The Agloraxi Citadels were a number of underground complexes in Aspiria, built as magical shelters by the Agloraxi Empire during the Age of Myth.[1a]

Built as shelters, the Citadels were also used by Agloraxi mages to conduct their experiments in secret. Deviant experiments with Realmstone and monstrous flesh-crafted beings, hidden from the outside world.[1b] When the Age of Chaos arrived, and a rift in reality tore the land asunder, the people of the Citadels were not prepared, and so they were killed, or turned to serve Tzeentch.[1a]

Even in the Age of Sigmar, the inner workings of many of the Citadels are poorly understood or remain a mystery altogether. The secrets and artifacts they hold, highly sought-after. There are rumors of dozen more citadels hidden in Aspiria, and of secret passages connecting them all, but so far, nobody was able to verify these claims.[1a] While the activity of Tzeentch Arcanites in Aspiria have lessened in intensity, they have never stopped. The mages of the Council Pyre of Lumnos believes their activities to involve the Citadels in some way. As they believe it was no coincident that the spread of the Disintegrating Shores stopped a few miles before the first Agloraxi Citadel.[1b]

Known Citadels

  • The Great Orrery: Nowadays known as Brightspear, the Orrery built on top of this Citadel was used by the Agloraxi Mages to track the orbit and the movement of the Mortal Realms.[1a]