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Ammos Varons was a Witch Hunter and member of the Order of Azyr [1]

This page contains spoilers for: Thieves' Paradise (novella)


He was a handsome, dark skinned man with striking pale grey eyes, his hair shaved close to his scalp with a tattoo of a comet on his cheek. Ammos favours dark blue robes with a golden belt, a curved sword at his belt. [1a]



He sought the phylactery of the ancient mage, Valagharr but fell victim to his spirit which worked through a surviving copy of his book to possess the Witch Hunter. [1]

He enlisted the aid of Shevanya Arclis to reach the Stormvault at the centre of the Latchkey Isle, falling deeper and deeper under the control of the Necromancer. [1]

Finally on reaching the vault, the spirit took total control but was finally overcome by a powerful bomb detonated by Quentelm Boros and a knife in the heart by Shevanya. With his dying words Ammos thanks her and tasks Tavyat with keeping her and the phylactery safe. [1]


There are secrets buried beneath the ash and bones of Shyish that could change the path of the Great War forever, should the enemies of Azyr lay hands upon them. Sigmar, in his great wisdom, knew this, and even before the Great Fall he spirited many dangerous relics away, concealing them from the prying eyes of mortals.

~ Ammos Varon to Shevanya Arclis..[1]


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