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Anvilspire appears to be a military hub for Sigmar's Empire in some region of the Realm of Chamon. It is centered around a Gate of Azyr, a Realmgate leading directly to the Realm of Azyr.[1]


It is known to produce glassware and collects a wide array of resources as tax from it's vassal towns, such as Breaker's Vale. Such tax comes in the form of glyntwyr sap, food, alcohols, and argentite ore.[1]

Argentite ore can be purified into Argentium, a highly sought after metal that is useful to both alchemists and smiths.[1]


  • Counting Houses: The taxes collected from the city's vassal towns are brought to these counting houses by tax assayers.[1]
  • Realmgate: A Realmgate lays within the city, connecting it to the Realm of Azyr.[1]

Vassal Settlements

  • Breaker's Vale: A small mining town where argentite is dug up. It was once governed by Mayors assigned to the settlement by Azyrite authorities, but in recent times has taken to electing an elder to govern themselves.[1]


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