High Arbiter

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The High Arbiter is a fixed position upon the Grand Conclave of a City of Sigmar.[1a]

Role and Responsibility

A High Arbiter serves as the primary legal authority and lawmaker of a City of Sigmar. They are also in charge of the lawmaking and justicial systems of the city.[2a][3a] Their duties mean that they often work closely with the commanders of a city's Freeguilds.[2b]

They conduct their duties from within the legal offices and courthouses of the Free Cities. Such as the Valiant Chambers in Anvilgard[3a], Palace of the High Arbiter in Excelsis[6a], and Arbiter's Fortress in Brightspear.[2b]


Within the hierarchy of a City of Sigmar, a High Arbiter serves as the highest authority in terms of legal matters, both by making the laws and enforcing them.[2a][3a] They hold authority over the legal offices and courthouses of their cities.[2b][3a]

Known High Arbiters