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The Free City of Callidium is found in the Aridian region of the Great Parch of Aqshy, within a desert bearing the same name.[1a]


Age of Sigmar

Callidium is one of the many cities that arose across the Great Parch in the wake of the Realmgate Wars. Though it is but a middling city compared to Hammerhal Aqsha in far off Capilaria, it has still arisen as a centre of art, philosophy, and fashion.[1a][2a]



The fashions worn by most of the social classes of Callidium, like many other cities of the Great Parch, use traditional oranges, yellows, and reds favoured by the peoples of the continent for centuries. However many of those among the high classes prefer to wear the whites, blues, and silvers favored in the Realm of Azyr.[2a]


  • Callidium Academy: An academy built sometime after the city. It is known to put on airs of antiquity and Azyrite culture, such as the colonnade within its main courtyard, though in truth it is a relatively new establishment.[1a]


Notable Inhabitants

  • Set: A magister and professor of the Callidium Academy, a secret follower of Tzeentch, and an associate of the Watchers.[1a]


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