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Celestrius was a great city brought low by the forces of Loonboss Zigskrat, whose sieged reduced the proud city into a fungal infested ruin. Like many Free Cities, Celestrius took on a name that resembled that of the Stormhost sworn to defend it, the Celestial Lions.[1a]


Age of Sigmar

During the Soul Wars the city was besieged and destroyed by Gloomspite Gitz led by Loonboss Zigskrat. The Gloomspite came from below, invading from the mine networks beneath the city. This invasion was well timed, as most of the Celestial Lions, the Stormhost sworn to defend the city, was away from the city and marching on Nagashizzar. The horde overran the city's mortal defenders and a force of no less than one hundred Troggoths ripped apart the city's Stormkeep. The siege came to an explosive end when Zigskrat blew up the city's powder stores and with the Bad Moon appearing in the sky the city fell to ruinous madness. All that remained were fungal covered ruins.[1a]



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