War Surgeon

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War Surgeon at the upper left in her thick medical garb alongside the rest of the Freeguild Command Corp and Freeguild Marshals.

War Surgeons are members of the Freeguild Command Corps that support the Freeguild Marshals of the Freeguild as battlefield medics that keep armies in fighting condition.[1]


War Surgeons act as battlefield medics carrying out everything from dispensing curative elixirs to amputating gangrenous limbs. They are capable of delving into the guts of their comrades to remove shrapnel and arrowheads with extreme efficiency. Their equipment is washed in boiling water when available while others use emberstone flinders to burn away dirt and blood, but more often must rely on the inscriptions of the God-king's name on their equipment to ward off infections. [2a]

Triage and amputations are almost daily occurrences to a War Surgeon but their proficiency in medicine and surgery allows them to perform medical miracles even under fire on the battlefield. [2a]


War Surgeons are clad in splatter-proof garb and thick gloves that could be used to safely grab sharp shrapnel and arrowheads lodged in their patients. They carry various tools of their trade such as saws and in battle they could defend themselves with an assortment of such weapons.[2a][2b]


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