Grunndrak Clan

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The Grunndrak Clan of Dispossessed Duardin reside in the port city of Excelsis. This ancient and venerable clan was old even when the Mortal Realms were young, or so the stories go, and they are deeply tied to the Ironweld Arsenal.[2a]


They are known for carrying on the traditional values of the Khazalid Empire.[1a]

Notable Members


An old clan, ours. Venerable even when the world was young. We dug our way out of one world and into another, ahead of an all-consuming fire, or so the story goes. We left a lake enclosed by mountaind, and came to new waters and new mountains. Formed a new clan from the ruins of the old.

Jorik Grunndrak to Owain Volker.[2b]


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