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Aetherquartz of Hysh

Aetherquartz, also known as Hysh Crystal is the prismatically pure realmstone of Hysh


It is different from the other types of Realmstone as it does not exist naturally in solid form, instead taking the form of beams of yellow-white illumination that travel the realms. Once extracted it takes the form of a magical translucent material in the shape of runes-like symbols, mysterious symmetrical patterns that are often referred as quartz-like prisms or geometric deposits of enlightenment.[1][2][3a]


Their movement is so quickly that they could not be trapped or siphoned until Teclis taught the seers of Hysh how. After being captured the light turns into magical translucent material, whose esoteric configurations can only be understod by the aelves of Hysh.[1][2][3a]


It has strange prismatic powers which can concentrate, dissipate, absorb or dispel magical energies.[2][3a]


A common use of atherquatz are devices which can concentrate or dissipate arcane energy and Lumineth have developed many such devices ranging from handheld geometric prisms to enormous spires like the Tower of Prios. The realmstone is also used to etch mystic patterns on tools or weapons and it is believed by outsiders than Lumineth use aetherquatz in the forging of sunmetal. [5a]

Aetherquartz when used on a person can fill its bearer with Hysh’s light giving them heightened senses, rapid reflexes and faster thinking. Therefor it is most useful to users of magic but anyone from an artist to a simple guard watching over a street could benefit from it. The Lumineth in particular are known for embedding the realmstone in jewelry and the hilts of weapons but in the past went as far as piercing their skin with aetherquartz or placing it under their tongues to continuously experience luminous clarity. However such use comes at a high cost as when the light within the crystal is used up it absorbs compassion, caution, and other distracting emotions. Thus after stimulation wears off the world becomes grey and lifeless forcing addicts to use more aetherquatz, with the highs getting increasingly shorter while the lows get deeper. Spent crystal do not radiate light but instead begins radiating psychic anguish. The Lumineth created the caste of Scinari Cathallars to safetly dispose used aetherquatz as otherwise it tears at the fabric of reality attracting Slaaneshi Daemons. Poor disposal could also result in disastrous consequences such as the Pit of Cathartia a landfill of spent aetherquartz that imploded and replaced the city that once stood there with a pit of shadow that paralyses those near it with overwhelming sorrow.[5a]

Notable Objects

  • Tower of Prios: An enormous tower built by Teclis out of Aetherquartz. It's purifying beam was used to lessen the effects of Nagash's Necroquake on Realm of Light.[2][3a]
  • The Evershroud: One of the legendary compound-artefacts created by the Arch-Domini of the Agloraxi Empire. A blinding crystal of aetherquartz and falsestone that turns its bearer invisible except in direct sunlight. It also makes them ethereal and impervious to attack, and incapable of attacking. Prolonged exposure makes it impossible for the bearer to age and no one will be able to touch or hear the bearer, dooming them to an eternity of impenetrable isolation.[4a]


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